It has been a rough and destructive month (both physically & mentally) for many people who took a hit by the two hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. I live and work in Southeast Florida and can understand the immense stress involved with preparing and recovering from powerful storms. What I can’t fathom is the level of destruction and loss some of our fellow human beings have experienced and will continue to experience.

If you have the ability, please consider donating (time, labor or money) to help people get back to life and to also be better prepared for the next storm. If you live close to an affected area, simply help a neighbor.

From now until October 1st, 2017, all proceeds from sales made through Farmer Tan Brand will be donated to various organizations helping to rebuild and fortify communities. If you have a particular organization you would like funds directed, please include that information with your order.

Follow Farmer Tan Brand on Instagram for auctions to support those impacted.


Mitchell Adams
Farmer Tan Brand

Ways to Help

Call your U.S. Senators and Representatives to 1) encourage financial support and 2) find out what pro-active measures they are taking to improve infrastructure and building regulations.

Visit Charity Navigator and donate to organizations who can maximize your donation dollars for those in need.

Participate with local groups who may be traveling to provide their time and labor in affected areas.

Buy from local companies, many of whom contribute a great deal to getting a community back up and running.