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Gamer's Shaving BrushAt Farmer Tan Brand, you can find hand made products including Shaving Brushes, Pens, Key Chains and more. Each item is hand crafted with care using interesting materials to give a unique look.

Find something to give as a gift or to give to yourself for everyday use. Browse hand made products.

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  • Ocean Water

Hurricane Relief Support

It has been a rough and destructive month (both physically & mentally) for many people who took a hit by the two hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. I live and work in Southeast Florida and can

  • Bamboo Fountain Pen

Working with Bamboo and Resin

One of the things I always wanted to do with the bamboo in my yard was to make some pens out of the culms and branches of the smaller varieties such as the Asian Lemon Bamboo.